Welcome Steph!

Welcome Steph!

We're pleased to welcome Steph as an Avalon Brand Ambassador. Steph Davey is a freelance, CPSA & APSI qualified shooting instructor, operating at various grounds in the Southwest. Steph is passionate about encouraging more people into the sport, especially women. When asked how she got into shooting, this is what she had to say;

“In 2015 I asked for an experience rather than a gift for Christmas. My dad shot when he was younger and it was something I had wanted to try, so in late December, as a family we booked an “Introduction to Shooting” lesson at my local shooting ground. I hit my first clay and I was hooked!! The rest as they say, is history.

I went on to book further lessons and found a real passion for the sport. It was something I could do purely for me and whilst at times I would get frustrated not being able to hit as many as I wanted, I was determined to keep going and found more and more enjoyment in it. As well as the shooting, I enjoyed the social aspect, meeting some of my close friends through our mutual interest.

The one thing I realised early on, is that there weren’t that many women shooting and so the idea came about of becoming an instructor with the aim to encourage more women into shooting. Over the years I have gained multiple qualifications, improved my shooting and encouraged countless people to try the sport. Having not come from a country/shooting background has never been a barrier as shooting is a sport for all!”


You can find Steph over on Instagram - @featherandclayshooting or Facebook

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