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Our current stock list of 410 gauge shotgun cartridges - Use the filter to view by shot size or wad type.

The list shows cartridges even if there is a single box left in stock so please give us a call on 01458 447505 (Street) or 01749 673637 (Mendip) to check we have what you need before you pop down.

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  2. Eley Extra Long .410 Magnum 3 F 6

    As the largest .410 load available, this cartridge has been formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field, making it a firm favourite among small-bore game shooting enthusiasts. Coming in 18 gram loads, it is more than capable for using on partridge days.The additional power has made this load the perfect choice for those who shoot .410s during the game season. It’s also only available in fibre.


  3. Lyalvale Express .410 3 16GM Magnasonic F 5

    Great load for sound moderated guns. Based on their Supreme Game cartridge – two time winner of the Best Game Cartridge at the Shooting Industry Awards, the Supreme .410 is a true subsonic cartridge designed to minimize noise – perfect for sound-moderated guns. The Supreme Magnasonic .410 is available in a light, 17 gram load with ultra-low recoil, with heavy size five shot to maximize power over mid-range distances.


7 Items

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