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Our current stock list of 20 gauge shotgun cartridges - Use the filter to view by shot size or wad type.

The list shows cartridges even if there is a single box left in stock so please give us a call on 01458 447505 (Street) or 01749 673637 (Mendip) to check we have what you need before you pop down.

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  2. Gamebore Bismuth HD 20G 28GM F 4

    Bismuth is the closest material in terms of density and softness to lead and so has no restrictions on choke and can be loaded in cartridges with a standard fibre wad. Totally safe for the environment and for use in traditional game guns, these cartridges deliver everything you expect from a Gamebore product, namely the highest quality and outstanding performance. Loaded in 70mm case length, these will suit the most discerning of game shots where an alternative lead is required.


  3. RC 20G Sipe 28GM F 5

    The Number 1 best selling 20-bore performs like nothing in its class. Its unrivalled quality and performance sets it out from the rest of the field. This high impact cartridge is able to cope with the most challenging of birds delivering a highly accelerated shot for maximum effect. Loaded in weights of 26g, 28g, and 30g the Sipe 20 bore offers a shot size and weight for all live quarry


5 Items

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